Blackberry again rolls out BBM on iOS and Android

By | October 21, 2013

Troubled smartphone maker Blackberry today once again resumes roll out of it’s popular instant mesaging service (BBM) on iPhone and Android devices. Prior to this last month the roll out of BBM was stopped abruptly due to some technical snag and Blackberry announced that it would soon come out with the rollout again. Company announced this development in it’s latest blog post today. iPhone and Android users must first register in a queue on Blackberry ‘s website and once the queue gets cleared the user will receive an email to download and use BBM messenger app on their smartphones. If you have already registered last month then you may straight away start using the BBM app. As per the company’s latest blog post the BBM messenger app will start appearing soon in Google Play store, Apple App store and some of the samsung app stores.blackberry-messenger-android-iOS

Last month Blackberry halted and postponed it’s popular messaging service app after an unofficial BBM app was posted online and about a million people in a mad rush downloaded it. Company later pulled back this unofficial version. “Our team of developers and engineers have been working around the clock to bring you BBM – and make some upgrades while we’re at it – and some incredible work has been done,” wrote BlackBerry’s executive vice president Andrew Bocking in a recent blog post.

Earlier this year Blackberry posted one of the lowest quarterly profits after which it even announced laying off 4,500 of it’s employees. Later in May it announced that it will launch it’s popular messaging service on mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Blackberry messenger basically lets you chat instantly with contacts on your chat list but you have to have BBM PIN to add a person and not your mobile number as is the case with Watsapp. So this PIN thing basically serves good when it comes to privacy. Apart from that BBM messages go through RIM servers which are considered safest in the world.

BBM is a robust and reliable messaging app no doubts about that but it would be really interesting to watch if BBM would be able to stave off competition from other free messaging apps like Watsapp, Line and Wechat etc. Only time will decipher this mystery.